Mobile Laboratories

To meet customer needs Lifting has Mobile Laboratories. Now it is possible to perform tests on PPE and CPE and calibrate equipment, with the availability of work on board with minimum or even no production interference.

Among the services performed in the laboratories, we can list:

- Testing of insulated rubber gloves;

- Testing of rescue hooks and stick for grounding device;

- Testing of insulated bench;

- Testing of insulated tools;

- Testing of insulating mats;

- Calibration: multimeters, clamp meters, scopemeter, process meter, etc.

With respect to electrical testing can mention:

- Insulation resistance test in which the integrity and cable coils are verified;

- LoopTest test in order to examine the stator;

- Test of applied voltage and induced voltage (Hipot), which verifies the possibility of failure due to poor insulation in the engine;

- Testing of heating and vibration of bearings;

- Ohmic resistance test of windings;

- Transformation ratio test on transformers;

- Analysis of Dielectric;

- Filtering and retrieval of insulating oil.

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