NR-10 Survey

The NR-10 Inspection is developed and managed according to the client's needs. In order to preserve and ensure the health and safety of workers, this inspection is extremely important.

Running this service includes a first part which is quite detailed and consists of the collection of documents like: instrument calibration's certificates, workers' documentation; updated reports of hazardous area surveys; safety of workers in general, like the use of 'Personal Protective Equipment'; safety on energized and de-energized electrical installations; work permits; training programs; authorizations; company's quality policy; etc.

The second phase happens on board, where evidence is gathered and important items are verified, which only on board they can be found. Finally, we deliver the Handbook of Electrical Installations (PIE) containing the 'Technical Report of Electrical Installations' and 'Health and Safety Report', in addition to documents and evidences collected over the steps. After completion of P.I.E. two people responsible for maintaining and updating the document are trained.

By the end of the inspection, a 'Plan of Action' is prepared containing the responsible department for the adequacy of nonconformities and a timeframe for implementation.

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