Hazardous Area Survey

The Engineering and Information Technology departments developed Lifting's own software. This technology enabled greater reliability, speed and accuracy to our professionals in performing the inspections.

In addition to all advantages with the use of the Software, we install RFID or metal tags on inspected equipment. It is up to the customer to decide which one is the better option.

In parallel we provide to the customer a document in Portuguese and English based on IEC ABNT 60079. And above all, rich in technical information, and organized in graphs, spreadsheets, graphic location of equipment, materials list for repairs and photos.

All inspected equipment is framed in a category, considering that:

Category A: equipment with high priority for intervention / repair.

Category B: equipment with medium priority for intervention / repair.

Category C: equipment with low priority for intervention / repair.

Category OK: equipment in accordance to standards; it is not necessary intervention / repair.

Lifting is certified by DNV to carry out surveys in Hazardous Areas. The inspection team has technical support from engineers and technicians trained and experienced in performing repairs according to customer need.

All daily reports and inspection reports are made available online to the customer and will be accessible and updated in real time. The preparation of the report includes a general overview describing the activity, normative references, checklist and important concepts; the individual sheet; an electronic report with links, photos and an AutoCAD drawing with the layout of equipment arranged throughout the area for easy identification.

In addition to the visual, close and detailed hazardous area surveys, Lifting has a team that can make the necessary repairs to bring the ship or platform back to standards: IEC60079 and NR-10.

Follows some differential Software Area Classified developed by Lifting:

Equipment photos - allows problems to be identified and guarantees the reliability of information obtained during the inspection;

Drawing of equipment Location - Ensure that during a repair plan, the professionals locate quickly and effectively each equipment to be repaired;

Material list - Agility in elaboration of material list for repair, with the guarantee that quotes will have precise specifications;

General Graph - Displays information of all the inspected areas providing an overview of the situation and all the data is divided into categories according to the inspection;

Graphic by Inspected Area - Detailing the number of problems found and equipment in accordance with the standards for the area, according to the level of risk or priority.

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