In 1993, Cosmo E. F. Carvalhal and Mario Carneiro were thinking about founding a company on act in the industrial and commercial markets for maintenance and repair of elevators and adopted the name in English "LIFTING". A short time after, on November 18 to keep this name to found the company.


In 1994, Claudius Eulires Neves Carvalhal, Janaylson José Barbosa Ramos, and Renato Araújo de Freitas were incorporated into the partnership. They hailed from the shipyards, bringing with them 15 years of experience in marine construction and repairs. Hence, Lifting´s entrance into the marine and offshore market in the area of electrical and electronic installations and repairs. Their first client in the offshore market was AP Moller A/C Maersk do Brasil Ltda. and until today considered as a preferred client.

1995 to 1999

In 1995, began servicing:

• Petroleo Brasileiro S/A- Fronape;

• Lifting started working for Nedril do Brasil, doing electrical installation and repairs on board the drill ships: Muravulenko and Nedril 1;

• Lifting continued working for Nedril, which later was bought by Noble Drilling, and performed electrical installations and repairs on board the Noble Leo Segerius.


Mr. Mario Carneiro left Liting.

The name Lifting and its current logo was certified and registered brand in Brazil N.820684090.

Lifting participated the SEBRAE/Consub S/A training program for suppliers and service providers and was certified for the implementation of the pre-system of Quality Assurance.

2001 to 2004

Lifting, began to work for:

• Brasdril Sociedade de Perfurações Ltda, and performed electrical services on board the vessel Ocean Clipper;

• RB Falcon, and performed electrical services on board the FPSO Seillean;

• Pride International Ltda, and performed electrical services on board the rig Pride Brasil;

• Brasdril Sociedade de Perfurações Ltda, and performed electrical services on board the rig Ocean Clipper;

• Transocean Ltda, and performed electrical services on board the rig Discovery Seven Seas;

• Frontier Drilling Ltda., and performed electrical services on board the FPSO Seillean; Participated in the docking of the Transocean Drill-ship Peregrine 1;

• SBM do Brasil, and performed electrical services on board the FPSO Marlin Sul.

• Modec do Brasil, and performed electrical services on board the FPSO Norte Fluminense owned by Shell;

• Participated in the docking of the Transocean Drill-ship Discovery Seven Seas.


Initiated the year with the termination of the Noble Roger Eason Docking in Salvador:

• Participated in the docking of the Platform Pride Rio de Janeiro;

• Participated in the docking of the Platform Brasdril Ocean Clipper;

• In June, Lifting initiated the ISO 9001/2000 process with DNV;

• Participated in the docking of the Drill-ship Transocean Navigator and the docking of the Platform Pride Portland in Curacao;

• In October, began work on board the Noble Platform Paul Wolf;

• Lifting obtains approval from DNV auditors from ISO 9001/2000 and was certified in November.


• Initiated the year with the end of the Noble Paul Wolf Docking in Mauá – Jurong Shipyard, RJ;

• And participated in the docking of the rig Pride South Atlantic, in Mauá – Jurong Shipyard, RJ;

• Participated in the docking of the Transocean rig Navigator, in Maua – Jurong Shipyard, RJ;

• Participated in works of repair and maintenance of the Transocean Expedition;

• Participated in several supply boats (Clipper, Rover, Retriever, etc.) jobs repairs from AP Moller A/C Maersk do Brasil;

• In October, Lifting was submitted to the ISO 9001:2000 DNV annual inspection as a part of ISO 9001:2000 certification.


• Participated in "Pride South America" (SS-47) dry dock belongs to Pride International company in Cassinú shipyard in Arraial do Cabo – Rio de Janeiro;

• Performed repair service on board of "Pride Rio de Janeiro (SS-60) belongs to Pride International in Espirito Santo Basin, Arraial do Cabo (Cassinú Shipyard) and Santana Island in Macaé – Rio de Janeiro;

• Participated in "Ocean Alliance" (SS-55) dry dock belongs to Brasdril in Brasfels Shipyard in Angra dos Reis – Rio de Janeiro;

• Performed in Hazardous Area inspection (NR-10) on board of "Ocean Whitington" (SS-52) belongs to Brasdril in Santana Island, Macaé – Rio de Janeiro.


• Participated in Noble Roger Eason dry dock in Mauá shipyard;

• Participated in Ocean Clipper dry dock in Mauá ship yard;

• Participated in Sorveign Explorer and Sedco 710 dry dock, from Transocean do Brasil Ltda.;

• Performed electrical service on board Ocean Yorktown in Trinidad y Tobago;

• Performed Hazardous Area Inspection in Pride Mexico at Galveston – Texas;

• Participated in FPSO Seillean dry dock in Sermetal Shipyard.


Prestou serviço para:

• Performed electrical and electronic services during Dry Docking of the rig Noble Dave Beard from Noble do Brasil at the Brasfels Shipyard. This docking lasted until December 2009 concluding service after this period with people on board (embarked);

• Lifting team brought rigs performing inspections and electrical services from:Congo/ Africa – Pride Sea Explorer from Pride do Brasil;

• Trinidad y Tobago – Ocean Ambassador from Brasdril Sociedade de Perfurações Ltda;

• Cadiz/ Espanha – Ocean Lexington from Brasdril Sociedade de Perfurações Ltda;

• Participated in the Transocean Driller Dry Docking at the Porto do Rio Shipyard, being since the Project (sending in electrical technician on board for workscope development and quotation) up to this job conclusion on board embarking people after the docking.

• Performed services several Brazilian areas (states) as Bahia (Ilhéus), Espírito Santo (Vitória), Sergipe (Aracajú), Rio de Janeiro (Arraial do Cabo and Angra dos Reis) and São Paulo (Santos).

• Participated in the Pride Portland Project and Dry Docking athe the Brasfels Shipyard


In 2010 Lifting has kept on performing services for new clients, as:

• Ocean Viking of the company Thomé Shipping;

• Acergy Harrier of the company Acergy;

• West Eminence and West Taurus of the Seawell and Sedrill do Brasil;

• Atlantic Star of Queiroz Galvão;

• Far Santanna of Cap Rock.

Joined several dockings and electrical services, electronic jobs and many different inspections in different rigs:

• Ocean Winner of Brasdril on Estaleiro Mauá;

• Pride Venezuela of Pride do Brasil on Estaleiro Mauá;

• Ocean Alliance da Brasdrilon Estaleiro Brasfels in Angra dos Reis;

• Pride Carlos Walter and Pride South Atlantic of Pride do Brasil on Estaleiro Mauá and performed several services in other countries and over Brasil:

• Ocean Valor of Brasdril in South Africa;

• SM FPSO Espirito Santo and Supply Boats of Pan Marine in Vitória, Espírito Santo;

• Deepwater Navigator of the Transocean do Brasil in Bahia – ES.


Lifting started the current partnership with the successful American automation Company called EPD LTd and sent a group of technicians to be trained in China.

In this year, Lifting also sent a group of Inspectors to attend a course in Houston about Explosion Proof and Hazardous Area Survey from ABS Company.

Lifting developed their technicians with several internal training programs and worked for:

• Odebredcht, performing several electrical and electronic services on board of Norbe VI, Norbe VIII and ODN's;

• Brasdril, Diamond Offshore, performing NR10, Thermographic and Electrical surveys on board all their rigs and also joining other companies during the Ocean Clipper Dry Docking;

• Noble do Brasil, participating on Noble Leo Segerius Docking and performing services in other rigs;

• Transocean do Brasil, performing several jobs for their rigs in Brasil as well as working on Sedco 710 stoppage and Deepwater Discovery in Angra dos Reis;

• Ensco PLC performing several mechanical, calibration services at Lifting workshop and also performing several services on board.

Lifting kept on working for Pan Marine attending service of thruster removal and repair with after installation and well as for Maersk, performing electrical repairs on their supply services.

Lifting performed a great repair project for Hornbeck, on their Ship HOS HOPE at Mauá SY.

Lifting joined the International market, companies and suppliers on the Worldwide Event Brasil Offshore that happens on each 02 years in Macaé, Rio de Janeiro, BR.


In 2012, Lifting has initiated electrical and electronic services for Noble's Roger Eason platform during the entire year and continued in 2013. The work included 4 supervisors and a staff of over 60 electricians. The company also sent employees on board several vessels in Brazil to perform Grounding services, electrical inspections, Hazardous Area Surveys and Thermography.

Lifting attended the SeaJackal and SeaStoat vessels from DeepSeaSupply (DSS) as well as Odfjell's DSM II and Havila Faith from the Norwegian company Havyard.

In January 2012 the company had to submit technical and quality supervisors for an emergency call to take care of Transocean's Arctic Platform I, when it listed in the Navy Yard and much of their equipment were flooded.

In the same year, Lifting developed a specific and custom project to Ensco when technicians were sent on board with the mission to list all the electrical equipment of all the company's platforms in order to create a kind of electric inventory which had all the technical specifications of each equipment.

Lifting also participated in the docking of BRASDRIL's OceanWorker platform in Maua shipyard; design in Detroit Shipyard by EPD of Brazil; and the Dynamic Positioning system conversion project of the Seabulk Angra (Lifting was contracted to perform the same work that had been done successfully in Seabulk Brazil in 2011).


In 2013 Lifting performed several repairs and electrical and electronic installations on Ocean Lexington Project in Mauá Shipyard like replacing damaged cables in Pit Mud room and normal and emergency MCC, pipe installation to the panels indicators 1, 2, 3, and 4 of the generator, main generators' megger test and replacement of cable trays of Trip Tank area.

Also performed many improvements at the Ocean Worker project in Mauá Shipyard such as replacement of cable trays of the main switchboard, the tensionares panels, the DMO system control panels 1, 2, 3 and 4, Derick lighting removal and installation, replacement of L8 and E5 lighting panels in Drill Floor, improvement of three main transformers, SCR cleaning, circuit breakers secondary current injection and other services with quality and excellence.

Several close hazardous area inspections were held during the year, for example, in Ocean Alliance, Ocean Baroness, Ocean Clipper, Ocean Courage, Ocean Quest, Ocean Star, Ocean Valor, Ocean Winner, Worker Ocean, Ocean Yatzy among others.

Performed CCTV installation in Ensco 6002.

Performed secondary current injection test, relays calibration and thermal inspection on board P10.000.

Ballast system inspection and repair and repairs to MCC thruster panels on board the Transocean Driller.

Installation of upgrade's system automation on board P23.

Vibration analysis on board Rohini and Somesh Ugra.

Thermographic inspection on board Leo Segerius (Noble), Max Smith (Noble), Norbe 6 (ODEBRECHT) and Dave Beard (Noble).

Aboard ODEBRECHT's ODN TAY IV performed the installation of stop panels of Thrusters and mud pump engine wiring repair.

Tests and fusion in Fiber Optic Network cables aboard Therald Martin (Noble) and Norbe 9 (ODEBRECHT).

Lifting also made inspection of transformers, generators and Thrusters aboard Dave Beard (Noble).


In 2014 Lifting performed at BRASDRIL's Ocean Quest Project in Angra dos Reis many repairs and electrical and electronic installations as replacement of Derick lights and emergency main panel, cleaning of lighting transformers, the fire and gas detection system installation, new cables installation for the fire pump and ballast, cleaning the main switchboard, removal of old cables and replacement of cable trays, among other services.

Performed at the Ocean Alliance project (Brasdril) in Angra dos Reis installation of CCTV system, cleaning of generators, transformers, the main switchboard, the MCC'S, AT switchboard, SCR, grounding inspection, DGPS cabling exchange, the multicore TDS, installation of power cables of mud pumps, new panels of the soft start, installation of the lifeboat cables, secondary current injection test, among other services.

On board FPSO Frade (CHEVRON) performed engine insulation tests, detailed inspection in hazardous areas and NR-10 inspection and updated the Electrical Installation Record.

Performed a Closed Hazardous Area Survey on board DSM II (ODFJELL).

Aboard Corcovado (OCEAN RIG) PPE, CPE, tools and instrumentation tests and calibration were performed using Lifting Mobile Lab, ground inspection and detailed hazardous area survey.

On board FPSO Espirito Santo (SBM) Lifting was the Project Manager for electical services during the BC10 project.

Electric panel assembly and commissioning of the watertight door aboard Sevan Driller.

Performed testing and calibration of PPE, CPE and tools in several vessels using our Mobile Lab.

During the Ensco 6001 project in Angra dos Reis, installed new brandt VSM 300, sieves and mud cleaning tank electrical equipment for updating the BOP, CCTV System upgrade installation, telephone and network system installation, new mud surface process system installation, exhaust system, disconnection and reconnection of motor endless axis, among other services.

On board P10.000 in Salvador, Lifting performed the installation of the water and oil separator system, updated the CO2 System, additional lifeboats systems installation, protection relays calibration and certification and other services.

Lifting was responsible for thermografic surveys on board Sedco 707, Delba 3, Odn 1 and Sertanejo Spirit.

Aboard ODN TAY IV Lifting made vibration analysis, updated the Electrical Installation Record, grounding, insulation testing of transformers and buses, among other services.

We also performed secondary current injection on board Sedco 706, Bossa Nova Spirit and Ocean Courage.

On board the Leo Segerius drillship it was made drawings of PAGA and phone systems, updated the switchboard panels and junction boxes, CAT6 cables Certification and connectorization service in BOP cables.

On board of Mykonos Lifting performed PPE, CPE and tools tests and calibration using our Mobile Lab and ground inspection.

Lifting had laser alignment services on board Norbe 6.

Lifting executed Equipment Calibration using Mobile Labs on board Cidade Rio das Ostras vessel.

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